5 Facts You Didn't Know About Tulips | Flowers by Coley

1. What do they mean? Tulips symbolize imagination, dreaminess, and a declaration of love.

2. 3,000 registered varieties! You can find tulips in any color even black (“Queen of the Night”) and blue in certain lighting! Remember that white tulips are great apology flowers!


3. Why call it the “tulip”? The shape of the the flower inspired the name and originated from the Persian word “delband,” meaning turban.

4. Out of onions? Cut the bulbs of tulips and use them in your stir fry! Next, garnish your dish with the tulip petals to add color to your meal. Don’t consume too many tulips in one sitting, since the bulb and petals do contain small doses of toxic glycosides.


5. Why are my tulips wilting? Tulips require cold, clean water after a clean cut! Watch them mysteriously stand and move towards the sun after some hydration and light.